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News: Adult Social Activities

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7/28/2016 12:00:00 AM  John Sherman 

Welcome to Hanover Parks & Recreation
Adult Social Activities Information Page

Adult Newsletter January February 2019

Happy New Year! 

With a new year comes fresh opportunities and we hope that you enjoy reading this new bi-monthly edition of our newsletter.
All of us at Hanover Parks & Recreation wish all of you a very blessed, happy and healthy 2019!  Given our sometimes hectic and stressful lifestyles, it is no wonder that “enjoying life more” has
become a popular resolution.  It’s also a very important step to
becoming a happier and healthier you!  Wellness is not just about
maintaining your physical health, it’s also related to your emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.  Therefore, get out and try something new.  Consider participating in any of our exercise, dance, art,
lectures or various other classes to bring balance to your body, mind and soul!

Judy Stevens
Adult/Senior Program Manager
Please contact Judy Stevens via email at or by calling 643-5315.

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Adult Newsletter January February 2019